Who are you if your ego gets out of the way for a bit?

File:Human eye real.jpg

"You can’t see the Seer who does the seeing. 
You can’t hear the Hearer who does the hearing; 
you can’t think with the Thinker who does the thinking; and 
you can’t perceive the Perceiver who does the perceiving."    

(By Yajnavalkya, Indian sage.  see p 28/29 Armstrong Twelve Steps)

Eckhart  Tolle in the short video I recently blogged HERE wittily points out that

'I am' is the 1st per sing of the verb to be – it isn't two things, 
and neither are we, except when we inhabit our ego,  
there's just one reality – there isn't I and me – except when we inhabit our ego!.

Being precedes doing.  

Nowness is gently re-asserting being.

When we can get our ego to be quiet we can see clearly now.

We can see with 'the eye (I?) of God.

Successful mindfulness is nowness.

Mindfulness is technique for nowness.

"Well I'll be…….

damned – well we will be

if we stay away from now too long.

For as Tolle also says; 

'Lost in thought; the human condition.'

Being is now; now is being.

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