400 richest Americans own more than the bottom 50% – but their tax has dropped by half!

the budget is a moral document. While shelters are jammed and men, women, and children go to bed hungry, corporate America has had their best year since 1950. The richest 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all American households combined and yet their tax rate has fallen by about half in the past 20 years. Meanwhile, the Congressional budget proposals would increase defense spending. There is a choice here. Bittman writes: “We can take care of the deficit and rebuild our infrastructure and strengthen our safety net by reducing military spending and eliminating corporate subsidies and tax loopholes for the rich. Or we can sink further into debt and amoral individualism by demonizing and starving the poor.”

We support this fast on behalf of hungry and poor people. We join David Beckmann, President of Bread for the World, in asking God to create a “circle of protection” around these people and their champions.

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