Budget 2011: tax grab is the real story | UK news | guardian.co.uk

Budget 2011: tax grab is the real story The budget will have less impact on families than decisions made by the Bank of England. Photograph: Chris Helgren/Reuters

If George Osborne had set up not the Office of Tax Simplification but the Office of Budget Speech Simplification, maybe today he would have said: “There’s no money left, so we have to raise taxes. But only the working and middle classes really pay up, so we’ve also raised VAT, and now we’re going to hit you with more income tax, although we’re calling it national insurance in the hope you won’t notice.

“There’s also 1p off a litre of unleaded from tonight, and a small bung on your income tax, but not for another year. Fight among yourselves over the fact that we’re whipping child benefit and tax credits away from some of the slightly better-off among you. See you next year, got to go and close some schools, hospitals and libraries. Bye.”

What do you think?

Click on link to read the Guardian article

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