Muslim’s Jihad is to spread the message of compassion: Karen Armstrong

DOHA: All religions have a common golden rule—compassion, and a Muslim’s Jihad is in making the compassion message of Islam a clear voice in the world, according to best-selling author Karen Armstrong.

“Religions came in certain points in history when violence and destruction had reached unprecedented crescendo. Though there are significant revealing differences, all the religions had certain values in common which have much to say to us now in the present situation,” Armstrong, who was on a recent visit to Doha told The Peninsula.

Armstrong is a best-selling author, whose books have been translated into 45 languages. She is now a UN Ambassador for the Alliance of Civilisations.

“As sort of response to the violence and to counter balance it, an ethic of compassion and ability to treat all people with absolute respect was common in all the teachings. Unfortunately religion is often seen as part of a problem as people tend to get very aggressive. But religions should be making solutions to problems of our time as they all have this ethic of compassion. They have in common the golden rule, i.e. never treat others as you would not like to be treated yourself.”

In 2007, Armstrong was awarded a medal for Arts and Sciences by the Egyptian government for her services to Islam, the first foreigner to be awarded this decoration. She is also a recipient of the TED prize.

“The basic teachings of Islam are far different from what people believe.

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