Today I updated the focus of my Posterous SunWALKing blog;

Walking toward the summit we tread our path, sometimes alone, and from time to time with others.  As we converse with fellow-travellers, we learn from each other.
One summit – many paths!
Each of us has those who help illumine the path we tread.
So within and around my model, SunWALK, I'm celebrating the human spirit – listening to those who feed my soul – join in or eavesdrop!
SunWALKing = walking with your 'sun' – whatever, & whoever, lights your path!
Those who illumine my path most are Abdu'l-Baha, Karen Armstrong, Terry Eagleton, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber – and all the poets and philosophers in our intellectual & spiritual 'starry firmament'.  Oh – and those great healers called comedians.
But SunWALKing – is a life-streaming blog – so it includes the deliciously silly as well as the shatteringly profound!
THEMES = the arts, photography, New Politics & Social Justice, philosophy – especially educational, pan-religious spirituality, personal development, coaching, media – and exposing the curse of fundamentalism.
MY GUIDING FOCUS is developing further my human-centred studies model called SunWALK – for use in personal development and the professions – summary here –
So within and around SunWALK I'm celebrating the human spirit – join me, walk a while and sit at the wayside table as I listen to those who whisper their wisdom and insights over my shoulder – Heschel, Wilber, Armstrong, Tolle and the others!
VISIT MY OTHER SITES – described here –


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