New slant on having, knowing, being and doing

It’s always great when a new idea bursts in your mind – or simply a new slant that puts in focused place long-held but vaguer ideas.


This for me was such an idea;


‘What you do is what you you’ve got’.


It came from here;




With Eckhart Tolle however I would say that having, knowing, being and doing have more than complex interactions, they have the context of silence – from which their truths arise.



True achievement, success and happiness lie in being fully and positively human –

through our caring our creativity and our criticality –

developed via service to the communities to which we belong.

All postings to this site relate to the central model in the

PhD. Summaries are HERE


On this site there are 1000+ ideas that you can put to work straight away.

Why not use the SEARCH, CATGORIES or INDEX to find the ideas for you?”

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