‘Selected Moments of the 20th Century’ – History of and for Education

‘Selected Moments of the 20th Century’ is a wonderful work in progress edited by Daniel Schugurensky.

It lists significant events within education during the 20thC. You are invited to make suggestions!

Daniel introduces his site in this way:

This is a site about education during the 20th century, organized by decades. It includes short descriptions of ‘educational episodes’ that took place in that period. The episode in question could be a policy, a court case, a piece of legislation, a scholarly article, a new theory, a research report, an incident, the release of a book, a speech, an empirical finding, a conference, the opening or a closure of an institution, a movie, an anecdote, or anything, big or small, that tells us something about education theory, policy, politics, research or practice during the last century.

Arguably, some of these episodes have been more historically significant or influential than others, and some may be more well-known than others, but each one uncovers a piece of that immense puzzle that was 20th century education. Education is understood here in its broadest sense, and not only as schooling. Although its current emphasis is on North American educational developments, there is an ongoing effort to include more international content.

Most entries have been written especially for this site (many of them by education students), although some consist of links to other webpages. Cross references are used to show connections between different moments. New entries are added regularly. If you would like to submit an entry, make a comment to improve this site, or suggest a link to a webpage to be added to this compilation, please send it to: dschugurensky@oise.utoronto.ca. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it <!– document.write( ” ); //–>

To visit the site go to HERE


All postings to this site relate to the central SunWALK model in the PhD.

Summaries are HERE

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