Dorothy Heathcote – inspiration for teachers of drama in education

If you haven’t caught up with the work of Dorothy Heathcote here is a great place to start. I refer to Sandra Heston’s PhD about Dorothy. Sandra’s own intro reads thus;

Sandra Hesten

Dr Sandra Hesten’s Ph.D thesis, provides a central framework for access and understanding of the archive material, and informs the wider interpretative overview of Heathcote’s methodology: Its sources are drawn from information and material gathered through interviews, background notes and informal conversations with Heathcote and those who knew her over two decades. The reader is guided through a labyrinth of information providing a global perception of a drama-in-education tradition. Continuing close collaboration between Hesten and Heathcote has ensured the authentication of much of the material contained therein.

Sandra’s site is HERE


All postings to this site relate to the central SunWALK model in the PhD.

Summaries are HERE

1 thought on “Dorothy Heathcote – inspiration for teachers of drama in education

  1. I am studyig Drama in education and is looking on the philosophies and practises of dorothy Heathcote. I needto make a prsentation to my class


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