Key Articles for newcomers

ONE GARDEN: The Inter-spiritual Way for our life journey

KEY ARTICLES – to help orientate newcomers to inter-spirituality

During the four years of the One Garden 300+ half-day seminars, a booklist was evolved which grew and grew until it resembled an MA required reading list.  That is still useful but something much simpler was needed for newcomers.  As it stands I have whittled the newcomers ‘self-induction reading’ down to three articles.

The KEY ARTICLES for newcomers to the One Garden.  

Mastering these articles will provide anyone with a ‘personal-induction’ so that as a newcomer, or as a refresher, she or he will have an understanding of;

  1. a) the nature of inter-spirituality & the map of the territory – via William Keepin’s brilliant article,
  2. b) our One Garden Vision and Mission introductory leafletLove and its Channels: the Eternal Thread of Gold: shows how inter-spirituality & Nonduality was always there – in a tiny number of great Teachers.
  3. c) our The Two Wings; duality and its source Nonduality as the heart-centre of the ‘One Garden inter-spiritual way’
  1. a) Interspirituality – introductory article by William Keepin

– part of an outstanding free online book edited by Keepin –

If you want more see also: Keepin’s stunning latest book – HERE or John Greer’s book or Bro Wayne Teasdale’s book

Eckhart Tolle’s 3 books are essential – The Power of Now, A New Earth and Stillness Speaks

  1. b) Love & its Channels: the Eternal Thread of Gold – our vision and mission leaflet as given to newcomers – my ‘Gold leaflet’ that is available at the Quaker Friends Meeting House – it’s online HERE
  1. c) ONENESS & Its TWO WINGS: Nonduality as the mystical heart-centre of Inter-spirituality. Its o


1 We are citizens of two realms – the dual & the Nondual.

2 All teachings are either about the Oneness of  a) the Nondual i which we rest as Awareness or b) topics/pointers that point to the Nondual from within our frenetic, ever-changing dual ‘normal world’ realm.

3 The OG model is the interspiritual ‘yoga’ Wheel of Life – hub, spokes and wheel-rim

THE ‘WHEEL’ METAPHOR – The hub = the Nondual

The spokes are topics or, better expressed, they are ‘pointers’ from within the dual realm that point to the Nondual.

The wheel-rim is where the rubber/metal hits the road i.e. it tells you about how well we are ‘walking the talk’.

4 We talk about the Nondual as a state of being, but that is a concession to the limits of language in relation to the Nondual.  The Nondual is what is behind and beyond all words, things, emotions, senses, states, – all phenomena.

5 This ‘beyond’ = the Whole from which we all emanate & it is the ‘home’ to which we return – if and when ‘the penny drops’.

6 The ‘presence in the Nondual is no-self experience (but it is only experience when we return/switch to the dual!)

7 There are many names for God – including Ultimate Reality

God/Ultimate Reality, or at least our experience of the Nondual, is our umbilical cord to the Infinite & All-Knowing via the Messengers of God, including Krishna, The Buddha, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Baha’u’llah – and the core teachings are also found in Taoist Tao Te Ching. 

8 The Messengers of God/High Prophets are the ‘transformers’ that enable finite humans to relate to the Infinite.

9 Nirvana, Bliss, Heaven etc are states of being not places.  We are there when we have ‘balanced wings’ that enable us to work in the dual world with omnipresent consciousness of the Nondual.  Then we never leave Heaven.

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