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Light is light in whatever lamp it shines

Light is light in whatever lamp it shines

“Concepts are delicious snacks with which we try to alleviate our amazement.” – A J Heschel

Everything here on this site, and its allied sites, is about how we have to balance the myriad parts of life, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the Whole – from which everything emanates, including us.

The 1000+ ways or categories are also concepts, and HERE the concepts are gathered as a Dictionary

But our interest in concepts needs to be balanced with interest in the Whole from which all things emanate and take form, and to which they return – in the formless and infinite.

The Whole is nameless because it cannot be conceptualized.  In terms of our experience we can briefly lose ourselves in the non-duality of the infinite Whole.  This is beyond the logic-chopping of religions (and the illogic-chopping!) .  ‘God has no religion’.  God is no-thing.  We can only point – and be silent.  Silence is the language of God.

On the site there is a place you can go, to take you beyond concepts HERE.  Let the few words dissolve as you realize the oneness of the light, and the silence that, embraces others all around the globe, who also rest right now, in the now, and the silence – and let go their egoic forms.

The greatest need humanity has is for all peoples to realize that they are the cells of a single body. That realization comes as we learn to live in the now, and the silence beyond all concepts – that is to feel the Whole.  This has been the mystic teaching, the perennial philosophy, to be found at the heart of all of the world’s wisdom traditions – but so often obscured by the dust of human egotism.

But for those who love chocolate, and beautiful landscapes, and sailing and beautiful bodies we have, during our time in this world, to fly with the wing of ‘duality’ – as well as our experiences of non-duality.  After enlightenment the comes the water carrying and wood chopping.  After the water carrying and wood chopping – enlightenment.  The two are complementaries – at least in this world.  Hooray!   Hallelujah!  Amen!  Om!  Pass the chocolate!


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