4 Bibliographies

NB A sense of the field can be obtained from Roger Stack’s ‘Map’ of Holistic Education

Bibliography 1) Beginners Bibliography Start here if this is a completely new journey for you

1 Miller, John P., (1988), The Holistic Curriculum, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Ontario, Canada

2 The writings of Dr Ron Miller starting with this online article

Bibliog 2) Amongst the most influential authors for me have been the following – some of them have

written several books – the work cited is the one I suggest you start with;

Starting in Holistic Education – a Bibliography

NB My view is that you must read Miller’s The Holistic Curriculum first

Miller, John P., (1988), The Holistic Curriculum, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Ontario, Canada

Then these in no particular order

01 Fisher Robert (2nd ed. 2003) Teaching Thinking: Philosophical Enquiry in the

Classroom London: Continuum

02 Neville Bernie., (2002) Educating Psyche – Emotion, imagination and the unconscious in learning’,

Greensborough (VIC) Flat Chat Press ISBN: 0-9758084-9-4

03 Hart, Tobin, (2001), From Information to Transformation: Education for the

Evolution of Consciousness, NY: Peter Lang

04 Wilber, Ken, (1998), The Marriage of Sense and Soul, New York, USA: Random House

05 Heschel A J (1965), Who is Man, Stanford, California : Stanford University Press

06 Bohm, David, (1980), Wholeness and the Implicate Order, London : Ark Paperbacks

07 Abbs, Peter, (1994), The Educational Imperative, The Falmer Press, London

08 Hamilton, Robert, (1990), Earthdream, The Marriage of Reason and Intuition,

Green Books, Bideford, Devon

09 Abbs Peter (1974) Autobiography in Education; an introduction to the subjective

discipline of autobiography

10 Eagleton Terry (2004 After Theory, London: Penguin

11 Clark Edward T ( ) Designing & Implementing an Integrated Curriculum:
A Student-Centered Approach Edward T. Clark, Jr. SEE here

Then these

Sloan, Douglas (Ed.), (1984a), Insight-Imagination; The Emancipation of Thought & The

Modern World, Greenwood press, Westport Connecticut USA

Jarvis, Peter , (1992), Paradoxes of Learning, Jossey Bass, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Brownhill, Robert. J., (1983), Education and the Nature of Knowledge, London: Croom Helm,

Barry, Robert, (1993), A Theory of Almost Everything, Oneworld Publications Ltd., Oxford

Lipman, Matthew, (1991), Thinking in Education, Cambridge, University Press, Cambridge, UK

and its central place in the education of teachers, London: Heinemann

Bruner, Jerome, (1996), The Culture of Education, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Uni Press

Dixon, John, (1967), Growth through English, Reading : Nat Assoc for the Teaching of English

Schumacher E F (1977), A Guide for the Perplexed, Jonathan Cape, London

NB Look for new books by some of these authors on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Bibliog 3) A select bibliography for my doctoral thesis is here

Bibliog 4) This is the MASTER BIBLIOGRAPHY of my own Holistic Education Journey – it is never up to date!

The MASTER BIBliography Far from up to date) is in eight sections:


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