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SEE also Learning Motivation for Success

All postings to this site relate to the central model in the PhD.

Summaries are HERE


treasure-chest-1.jpgThe aim of the site as a whole is to provide a treasure trove of ideas, models and resources.

More Links & Resources

Recent Additions

Teachers Network

Prof Nicolas C Burbules articles (NB his book on dialogue is the best I’ve come across and essential to the SunWALK model

Ibn Al-Arabi – resources – see especially Jane Clark’s article on Fullfilling Potential

Jane Clark’s inspiring article is here

Parker Palmer – The best and most important of Palmer’s works in my view is: To Know as We Are Known: Education as a Spiritual Journey – after this it was a bit like Dylan dropping acoustic in favour of the commerciality of electric guitars!

Materials and extracts on the work of Ken Wilber

HolisticStudies BLOG

“I link therefore I am!”

SEE also Guardian Unlimited article

Futurology – Cutting edge thought on our technical futures


Please note I don’t necessarily subscribe to the ideas on all of the sites – but they should probably, in each case, provide a starting point.

A few of the sites list are commercial e.g

Action Research Resources

Action Research 2

AERA Open Access Journals in the Field of Education

Aesthetic Discussion

ALEXA Education

Alternative education

Alternative schools in the USA

ARTLEX – art dictionary for artists, collectors, students and educators in art production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and education

Art History in Schools

Arts for transforming Education

Audio lectures online at Berkeley

Best on the Web for Teachers

Brilliant Star – Educational Psychology pages

British Council – Education pages

Contemplative practice in education

The tree of Contemplative Practices

Caring Teachers

Change Management

Change Management Manifestos

Character Education – Introduction

Character Education – various

Internet Resources

Indiana Clearinghouse for Citizenship and Character Education
AskERIC Lesson Plans: Character and Citizenship Education
Character Education – Free Resources
The Utah State Office of Education Character Education
National Character Education Center
Character Education – Teaching Kids to Care
Character Education Resources
Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education Provided by the Character Education Partnership
The Ethics Resource Center’s Character Development Program

Childrens Literature – Resources for Teachers 1

City Farming – City Farmer – Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture


Creative Partnerships – England UK

Cross-cultural and multi-cultural resources

Curriculum Leadership Journal – and links


EdNA Online
Directory of the Education Network Australia.
The Commonwealth Government’s Education Portal.

NALSAS links
A list of Australian education websites provided by the National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Schools (NALSAS) Strategy.

New Zealand

Ministry of Education
The Ministry provides links to related websites and a directory of New Zealand educational institutions.


Yahoo! Asia’s education directory by country
Directory of sites by country then subject subheading.

Google’s Asian education directory by country
Directory of sites by country then subject subheading.


Google’s European education directory by country
Directory of sites by country then subject subheading.


Department for Education and Skills: Links
General listing of British education-related websites.


Resource Organizations Directory, Department of Education
Education-related websites in the USA listed by State and Region.

Resource Organizations Directory, Department of Education
Education-related websites in the USA listed by State and Region.

Dewey quotes – Cunningham

Education News

Education World

Emotional Intelligence/literacy

Engines for Education – hyperbook

Experiential Learning & Education

ERIC Digests

*ESCalate – Educational Studies and Teacher Education


Fisher Robert – Teaching Thinking, PFC & Creativity

Freire Paulo

GAMES – FEMA Games for Kids

Games Funschool – 800 games and activities

GAMES – communal decision-making

Gardening in Schools and Holistic Education

Google – Education Directory

Great Ideas in Education – 30 great books

*Holistic Education, Tasmania, Australia

Home Education – UK

Homeschool top 100 Sites


I N P M International Network on Personal Meaning


Learning in the 21st C

Learning TIPs Theory into Practice database

Librarian’s list of great sites for education (American)

Metareligion – to promote a multidisciplinary view of the religious, spiritual and esoteric phenomena.

MORAL EDUCATION – various sites

Mysticism Resources

National Secular Society – UK

New Zealand Ministry of Education

Outdoor Education Research Centre

Paths of Learning Clearing House of ideas

Philosophy Major Sources

Philosophy Major Sources

Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Religion 1

Philosophy Ontario school curriculum

PFC Philosophy for Children – IAPC Introduction


PFC – Links

PFC Philosophy for Children – An Introduction

PFC – Tuckswood school

Philosophy for Children – Stanford

Physical dimension 1 – Philosophy of Sport & Physical Activity R Scott Kretchmer

Physical dimension 2 – Philosophical Problems and Dance Criticism

Psychology learning TIPs Theory into Practice database

Qualitative Research Introduction to

Quantitative Research Introduction to

Quotes – The Quote Garden – one of the best

Radical Pedagogy – Online Journal

Read to Me

Roger Stack’s excellent chart (Works in IE but not FireFox)

Sites for Parents

Sites for Teachers

Sites (100s) for Teachers – rated by popularity

Special Education 1

Story – Free Storytime for Children

Types of question & questioning



Teachers Network Org

Teaching Tips

Theory in Practice database

Thinkers on Education – UNESCO

Tom Peters

Top 100 Sites for Teachers

Transformational Training at ‘World Transformation’

Transformative Learning

US Department of Education –

USA NEA National Education Association

UK Department for Education and Skills – links

Values Education Council

Web100 Education and Reference

US What Works Clearinghouse

Wise Owl

Connect to the original Holistic Education Institute site.

Connect to: the Spirit of Education website

Sources of Games


Science and Religion – Alan Wallace


Service learninig:


Space and Motion Reality Truth Philosophy

Commercial Sites ( I am gradually movingthem down here)

Learning Planet – games for learning

Other interesting sources of content

SunWALK: education as walking the life journey in dialogue with

teacher-friends – acting wisely through loving and knowing – in the light of

the ‘Sun’ of higher-order values.

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