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Hi – WELCOME!  –  ONE GARDEN: living interspirituality, realizing Oneness – via 6 projects – Roger (Dr R Prentice)  This my main blog-site, a  flow of  life-journey moments as a 6-project continuation of  my PhD  My primary focus is now ‘interspirituality’ (21stC interfaith) but within that are  5 other projects  1) Art matters,  inc photography  2) Natural Health matters (inc surviving IPF),  3) Personal Development & Management,  4) Re-humanizing Education (inc. Holistic Education)  5) Social Justice matters, – all 5 I hope are integrated within 6) Interspirituality.  
Interspirituality is ‘…the sharing of ultimate experiences across traditions.’  W Teasdale  in The Mystic Heart,  p26  My definition = ‘the state of being, and the living of life, that flow from the realization of the Oneness beyond the various wisdom traditions.’  – “I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.” – Namaste! – “(RP) Behind every moment, behind every particular, is the enveloping Whole.   We have 2 wings; connection to the Whole, delight in every particular.” – Mindfulness allows us to spend more time in eternity!” – ‘My heart has come to harbour every form’ !  EMAIL: onesummit AT gmail DOT com
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The Inspiring Story of Tammam Azzam

Roger - Dr Roger Prentice:

I discovered this fine art blog ‘The Art Cartel’ whose most recent post is to introduce us to the Syrian artist Tammam Azzam.  UPDATE It seems as though the blog had a very short life – but the few posts on there are really worth a look.

Originally posted on TheArtCartel:


Tammam Azzam was a young artist in the devastated city of Damascus, Syria. Sadly war and violence has taken over Syria in recent times. The war in syria was a huge obstacle that came in Tammam’s way but that wouldn’t stop his dream of becoming a successful artist. His studio was shutdown because of the syrian government so he was forced to continue his dreams in some place else, Dubai. Azzam focuses on working with digital art. The main theme he focuses on in his art works is too depict the political problems going on back home for him in Damascus. He depicts the tough times going on in his country by incorporating broken pieces of items such as maps in his art. Through symbolism in pieces he adds to his pieces he shows the misery that the Syrian people are going through. Keep your eye out in this inspiring…

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Seven rocks in the garden

Roger - Dr Roger Prentice:

I was much moved by this piece by John Etheridge. Before I read it I thought it was about current Baha’i prisoners – they and their families are suffering so badly – for teaching that God His Messengers and humanity are One. It is time Iran stopped persecuting minority religious groups.

Originally posted on the Book of Pain:

I arranged in the garden, one rock each for the Seven of Tehran.
The first, the most beloved, rained down God’s mercy and
cooled the fired-up throng;
the second, clasping his brother’s corpse to his heart
rooted out their tongues with a poem;
the third in thanks shared sweets with his killer,
while the fourth scorned a rescue that bore the veils of lust and power.
The rest vied for the right to prepare the way, the one each for the other,
and so they died as they lived—united—chimed by a single blow.

But in truth I lied to you,
it was eight rocks I arranged in the garden.
The last was a small, sharp-edged stone,
barbed on the top, cold to the touch
and set deep dark down in the loam.
I dig it up occasionally
to see if it is still there. It always is,
ground no smoother by its journey

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What Would a Moral Israel Look Like?

Roger - Dr Roger Prentice:

Please help circulate this article which was turned down by The Huffington Post – written by Shaikh Kabir Helminski, a regular blogger of the HP. It seems that the HP’s huffing- is very censored and very one-sided!

Originally posted on soul in progress:

[This article was written during the first days of the current Gaza Massacre, then sent to Huffington Post and then politely declined without comment. I was invited to be a blogger for Huffington Post and have posted articles about every six months for several years. I naively thought that the Huffington Post was a forum for ideas. Given what has happened since, this article seems very mild.]

One of the east horrible images I could find

One of the least horrible images I could find. If you really want to see what it’s really like, see below:

What would a moral Israel look like? Could there be an Israel that would gain the love and respect of the world? Could Israel, for instance, redeem itself as South Africa has? Yes, it could. The answer will seem naïve to some. What has been described as a complex and intractable situation, really, is not.

A moral Israel could ask the…

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High bail set for three Bahais in Tehran; four remain in prison (correction)

Roger - Dr Roger Prentice:

Iran’s persecution of innocent Baha’is continues – when will it end?

Originally posted on Sen's daily:

PCED, September 4; HRANA, September 6.

(Corrected: three of the four detainees for whom bail was set have not been released as the bail is excessive)

On September 3, Branch 4 of the court at Evin Prison set bail for three Bahais arrested in Tehran: Babak Mobasher ( بابک مبشر ), Nasr `Arshi Moqaddam (ناصر عرشى مقدم), and `Ata’ollah Ashrafi (عطاء الله اشرفى). The family of the three detainees were informed by telephone from Evin prison that bail for Babak Mobasher and Naser Arshi Moqaddam was set at 25 billion Rials (700,000 euros or 938,000 US dollars), while 20 billion Rials (560,000 euros or 750,000 US dollars) was demanded for `Ata’ollah Ashrafi’s temporary release.

These three have been charged with “subverting the economy of Iran,” and “membership in the Baha’i community of Iran.” Their family cannot afford to pay the bail, which amounts to 2.6 million dollars…

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